Kinemaster- Pro Video Editor- the video app

Watching videos in internet is very favorite pass time for many people.

People love to watch the videos over and over again. The experience can become much better when we can convert the videos only to songs just by using an application. Kinemaster- Pro Video Editor is an application which helps the user to download the videos from YouTube. The application has a search engine of app for android its own and the search engine can be used to watch the videos of our choice.

We can watch various types of videos using this application. The application allows the user to download the video from the YouTube and convert them into various types of formats. We can convert the videos into mp3 formats and store them to our devices. The videos stored into the device in the mp3 formats helps us to save the space of the phone. The interface of the application is very much user friendly and people can use them easily.

Anyone can use SMB File Sharing

The SMB File Sharing is totally new and cool for the users. The interface of the SMB File Sharing is dashing and has a cool look. People zapya – file transfer sharing can now send the files to the other devices or precisely speaking friends at a lightning speed. The transfer of files occurs with the help of the hotspot connection created on the sender’s device and with the receiver’s device.

The speed of file transfer is 20 times greater than the Bluetooth transfer. User of this SMB File Sharing can send to files to five persons at a time in a group. With this application people can add about five members in a group and send the files to them easily.

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